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Innovec has specialised in providing VoIP solutions and Business Telecoms to businesses across Glasgow for over 10 years. 


We understand that, above all else, your phones, mobiles and
broadband be reliable, and make it easy for your team to speak with each other, customers and suppliers.



Unlike many other providers, Innovec manages the entire comms process in-house, with no input from third-party installers, meaning we remain in control of the process, guarantee you quality work, and ensure you have one supplier and point of contact for any support.

VoIP Phone Systems

Business Mobiles

Video Conferencing

Business Broadband

Award-Winning VoIP Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), also known as cloudbased phones, offer businesses in Glasgow the
functionality of a traditional phone, with further flexibility.

We use Xelion as our preferred solution for VoIP, and for
good reason. Xelion has been recognised with consecutive
CommsBusiness Awards, thanks to its exceptional call
quality, user-friendly interface, and extensive feature set.

By utilising internet-based technology, Xelion eliminates
the need for costly hardware installations and upgrades.
This means you can be up and running quickly with just an
internet connection and a VoIP telephone, smartphone
app, or computer ‘softphone’.

"From our first engagement with Innovec, it was clear that they were aligned to our approach and values, with a real focus on customer service facilitated by investment and development of their own team."

“Most importantly, they have implemented a telephone system which works for our business. We can relax knowing that clients, prospects, and team members can all speak with each other easily.
Lucy Parris
Director, Parris & McNally

Unify your mobile contracts with Glasgow Experts

Simplify your mobile communications with our unified mobile contracts. Benefit from great value sim-only plans covering calls, data, and messaging.



With one bill, one supplier, and one point of contact for support, managing your business mobiles has never been easier.


Remote Collaboration: Access Meetings from anywhere

Whether you are in Glasgow or Geneva, connect with your team and clients using Microsoft Teams.



Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 and enjoy instant meetings, chat-based collaboration, and high-quality video conferencing. Whether you have a team of two or 200, stay connected with ease.

"We definitely found a gem when we found Innovec. Staying with a supplier for 10 years is testament to the service they provide.

It doesn't matter who you speak to, they all know your business, your set-up and just get things working."
Angela Gemson
Director, KleerKut

Goodbye Slow Wi-Fi!

If you’re having problems with your broadband connection, Innovec can provide tailored business broadband solutions for businesses in Glasgow.



From basic diagnostics to dedicated leased lines, we ensure a stable, secure, and optimised connection that keeps your business running as it should.


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