The Importance Of Regular Maintenance & Updates For IT Systems

Regular Maintenance & Updates For IT Systems

The Importance Of Regular Maintenance & Updates For IT Systems

Regular maintenance is needed no matter what systems you purchase, as businesses we rely on these systems running smoothly.  The only way to ensure the IT Systems continue running smoothly is for regular maintenance and updates to take place. We recommend that all desktops used for business purposes should have regular maintenance once per month.

Technology is always evolving, the hardware becomes outdated eventually so every 5 years is usually time to think about updating your IT Systems to prevent them becoming vulnerable.  Recent software might be incompatible with outdated desktops because they don’t have the system requirements needed to run new software applications.

The Dangers Of Not Having Regular Maintenance & Updates

When IT Systems are not having regular maintenance and not being updated as recommended, it has some downsides which will have negative effects on your business.  They are as follows;

  • Vulnerable devices
  • Susceptible to a cyber-attack, viruses, malware etc
  • Systems break more frequently – consistently interrupting your work day
  • Increased downtime
  • Slow running IT systems
  • Costs more in the long run
  • Outdated Machines

The Benefits Of Having Regular Maintenance And Updates

  • Cost effective
  • Reduce support costs as less things will break
  • Less things breaking
  • Increased security of your systems
  • Up to date systems
  • Run Faster
  • Issues caught early before they cause real problems for your business
  • Ensures software will be updated properly
  • Ensures the hardware is in good working condition
  • Ensures a good level of software security
  • Less vulnerable to hackers

What To Do Next

For further advice on your business IT systems, give Innovec a call to discuss a tailored plan to suit your needs.